Argentina's humiliating fall to Croatia is difficult to qualify for</h1>


Summary of Argentina's match against Croatia today</h2>

In a new surprise at the current World Cup, the Argentine team fell to the Croatian team with a humiliating three in the match between the two teams today in the framework of the second round of the fourth group of the group stages of the championship .

Messi and his teammates were defeated by a tough 3-0 win over Luka Modric and his teammates after a dramatic game in which the Croatian team dominated most of the game.

After the loss, the Argentinian side stopped at one point, finishing their first game against Iceland with a positive draw for each team, while Croatia rose to six points after winning their first game against Nigeria to lead their group and reserve a place in the second round For the World Cup

The Argentinian side is on the verge of coming out of the group stage and will have to wait for tomorrow's match against Nigeria and the Icelandic side to know their position from the second round of the tournament.

The first goal in the 53rd minute of the game by Rabticich, who took advantage of the mistake of Argentine goalkeeper Willi Cabeiro after playing the ball over his head and snatched the player and one-touch announcing the first goal of his country ..

In the 80th minute of the match, Real Madrid striker Luca Modric scored a great goal after he set off outside the penalty area and dodged a player and fired a resounding shell that caught the Argentine goalkeeper who could not keep it away.

The third goal came in the second minute of stoppage time after an organized counterattack that ended with Rakytich, who hit the goal but the keeper repelled them to reach the player Kovacic, who brought back to Rakitich again to put it this time in the net .