[html]<h1>Argentina group rankings after today's World Cup matches 22/6/2018</h1>[/html]

The first day of Group D of the World Cup Russia 2018 ended in the second round of the tournament, where the first match in the second round saw the defeat of Argentina's first football team 3-0 against Croatia in a match that saw Great for the Croatian team throughout the match.

Where Argentina failed to win any of the tournament's two matches in the current season and fell to the last-place position in the group at the 2018 World Cup, following the loss to Croatia in the second group stage of the 2018 World Cup.
At the time of the match, Argentina will be in the Group D match in the second round of the World Cup, and then wait for Nigeria's eagles to face the final round of the World Cup next week. In order to settle the second seat in the group.